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Questions of a personal nature

Your S&C coach may ask personal questions relating to your physical ability with regards to your selected session. The more information you provide, the more likely it is that the S&C coach can provide and deliver an effective & safe session. It is your choice as to what information you choose to provide. If you feel uncomfortable with a particular question or group of questions, please let the S&C coach know and they will cease.

Physical Contact
During the session, minimal physical contact will take place unless authorised by a parent or guardian. In very rare instance the S&C coach may need to correct posture or exercise form. Physical contact requires your expressed consent and will be limited throughout the assessment.

Risks related to the strength and conditioning sessions
The S&C coach will adhere to strict OH&S protocols throughout the session. It is essential that all students listen carefully to instructions and behave in a manner that reduces any risk of injury.

Physical Limitations or Current Injuries
It is imperative that your child notify the S&C staff of any injury or physical limitation they may have to exercise. If this is not done prior to the session commencing your child may be at risk of further injury. This is to ensure that you fully understand any risks involved. You may withdraw your consent at any time even if you have previously signed a consent form.

Children and minors
This consent form needs to be signed by parent or guardian for our strength & conditioning sessions.

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Acknowledgment of Country

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