Adolescent Injuries

Our physiotherapists have a particular interest in the treatment and management of injuries in adolescent athletes.

We hold a strong belief that evidence-based management of injuries in this age group is essential to protect and enhance the potential outcome of long-term athletic development. Young athletes are not mini versions of adult athletes and so require specialised treatment.

This is a time in which accelerated growth occurs often, so managing loads and protecting structures such as growth plates is imperative.

Common injuries we see in this age group include Osgood Schlatter’s disease, Severs disease, Sinding Larsen Johansson syndrome (jumper’s knee), stress fractures and general fractures.

We have years of experience dealing with these conditions and are well versed in the best evidence-based management programs required to overcome these types of injuries.

We are passionate about ensuring that adolescents with sporting injuries maintain optimal function as they enter their adult years and can continue to play the sport they love for years to come.

At Manly United Football Club, we manage a multitude of injuries in adolescent age groups between 8-18 years.

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